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No matter what stage you’re at, CaroBri can help your business grow to where you want to be. Choose from one of our packaged options  below  or contact us for a free customized quote.

Let Us Help

Our packaged services and insider tips remove the guess work and allow you to maximize your time as a business owner so you can focus on the the things that really matter.

Spark Better Business

Registering in our Business to Business (B2B) directory allows you to connect with industry leaders who are looking to mentor small businesses and supply subcontracting work through our B2B directory.

Grow Your Business

We understand the unique challenges you face as a small business owner. Our lead generating service bring you the deals and solutions you need to reach your goals. 


You save $250

The basic package is perfect for any business trying to secure government contracts. Our downloadable files provide insider tips from experts in the industry to help you avoid the top ten mistakes that keep you from landing the jobs you’re looking for.

Listing your business in our B2B directory helps industry leaders connect with you for mentoring programs and subcontract work as well. 


Package includes:

  • First year free listing in our B2B directory ($250 annual auto-renewal).
  • Tips to secure government contracting (downloadable audio).

$750 value


business Builder

Save over $400 – Most popular option!

The business builder package is ideal for small businesses looking to maximize their efforts. We know your time is valuable, so let us help you make the most of it! Purchase today to receive everything included in the basic package


25% off your first year Solicitation Subscription. This means our team will comb through the thousands of government contracts available and bring the solicitations that fit your business directly to you. (normally $55/month).

Upon purchase, you will be contacted by one of our experts to create a personalized  business profile detailing your company’s certifications, expertise and  the type of government contracts your looking for so we can send solicitations directly to you! 


Package Includes:

  • First year free listing in our B2B directory ($250 annual auto-renewal).
  • Tips to secure government contracting (downloadable audio).
  • Customized business profile.
  • 25% off first year Solicitation Subscription ($55/month auto-renewal). 

Over $1,400 value!


Elite Membership

You save over $300 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Becoming an elite CaroBri member provides optimal opportunity with minimal risk, ensuring you will reach your goals.

 We know that finding government contracts that fit your business is only half the battle – securing the deals can be just as hard! 

Our elite members have premium access to our expertise to help you land the deals without the premium price of traditional hourly-based services. Instead, we operate under a point – based fee schedule on solicitations we actually help you secure.

Normally $155/mo. Purchase today to Save 20% off your annual membership.



Membership includes:

  • Lifetime listing in our B2B directory.
  • Tips to secure government contracting (downloadable audio).
  • Customized business profile.
  • Lifetime Solicitation Subscription.
  • Access to a point-based fee schedule on contracts secured through CaroBri.

*Lifetime services available as long as you remain a member.


Bold Solutions

For individualized consulting services, please contact us for a free quote.

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